Saturday, October 25, 2008


Got paperwork in the mail. The judge has signed off on our case. We now have full custody back and our case is closed. Because of how paranoid this whole ordeal has made me this blog will be up until Halloween and then I will be taking this one down. I will be starting a different blog under the same name. Thank you for all that have seen this and prayed for my family.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Update again!!

Well, got the mail this past weekend. And in it was our Quarterly Review from DFS. They recommend that we be awarded back legal custody of all of our kids AND that the case be closed. Now we are just waiting for the judge to make a court date so that we can go and hope that the state doesn't decide to fight it. If they don't decide to fight it then we will be awarded legal custody back and this will all be over.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Toddler Puke

Well, I got to spend all night being puked on every couple of hours by my 2yr old. Usually I don't mind because when she pukes it is usually just spit but this was white and chunky. She has this issue with puking in the toilet so she pukes on me. Yay! I have told her that when she does it she is not in trouble, but at least it is me instead of the carpet or furniture or her sister. I just get up, strip off whatever I was wearing that is now puked on and toss it in the washer and go back to sleep lol. Much easier than scrubbing the carpet.
Well that was my night in a nutshell lol.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Update time again.
Got a call from caseworker today. Caseworker is drawing up paperwork to close our case. It will then be passed on to the judge. We will have a court date so that the judge can reinstate legal custody. After that happens we will be getting a babysitter and I will be working like mad along with hubby so we can get the money saved up to move. DFS has decided that they are going to keep doing home visits even after the case is closed. Now I have to call lawyer and find out if it is legal. Anyone who wants in my house as soon as this is over is going to be met with, "Sorry, I don't let anyone I don't know into my house". If I get told that it is not legal for them to come in the house, they will get told, "I'm sorry, I have been advised by my lawyer to not let anyone in my house. If you have any problems with that then you may contact my lawyer."
So that is the good news at my house.
What is the good news at yours?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I haven't posted in a while

Some of you that read my blog, ok, who am I kidding lol there are only about 3 people who have read my blog lol, might be wondering why I don't post alot anymore. The reason that I don't post alot anymore is because this was started as a way for me to vent nonviolently. Because the way that I WANTED to handle things would not have been good for my case. But on to the good news!
We are being monitored (I know that I have mentioned it a time or 2 lol) until October 7th. That is 2 months to the DAY of our last MDT meeting where they said that they were going to only monitor us for 2 more months. I talked to my lawyer today and he said to call him the week after if we haven't heard anything and then we will find out what the hold up is. They said that they just wanted to monitor us for the 2 months and if everything was still going good then they would be motioning for our case to be closed. YAY!!!
So that is what is going on here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The only way to understand what you don't currently understand is to ask questions. (Just to quote all of our school teachers lol)

Friday, August 22, 2008

2 more months of HELL

Well, we had our 2nd MDT meeting. We are being monitored for 2 more months and then if everything keeps going the way it is then they are going to ask that our case be closed. Then we are getting the HELL out of WY. We have finally decided that we are moving to Toronto.
I start back at Village Inn tomorrow afternoon. I also have my drivers license so that helps matters. My oldest starts school in 2 weeks.
Everyone is looking forward to the move. It is always nice to move because then you get rid of old stuff and get some new stuff.
Just thought that I would post an update.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time for another Update!

As of yesterday we have all three of our girls back home full time. We go back to court the first part of June so we will see what happens then. I don't think that we will be getting custody back then because I think that they are going to try to draw it out as long as they can. I actually wouldn't be surprised if they try to keep custody for a couple years.
I have learned one thing through all of this though. If someone that I don't know knocks on my door and wants to come in to see "how we are doing", "Let me know what resources are available in the community", or any thing else that sends alarms, the statement that they will hear will be, "You want to come in? Do you have a warrant?" Because as far as I know you don't HAVE to let anyone in your house unless they have a warrant. I also have become less trusting of people since this started.
When we get moved in to our new place there will be a chain lock or one of the bar locks like motels use put on the door and the door will not be opened without that being used.
I would love to post more but need to go finish cleaning and baking so I can go to bed.